25/05/2020 AMOR MAGAZINE

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'Get ready for a Sugar Fix!'

by Sarah Solomon

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We wouldn’t blame you if you needed a sugar fix during times like this. Since we’re all still social distancing, here’s how you can get your sweet treats delivered to your door step.

Sugar Fix is a high-quality sweet delivery brand which is owned by couple Hugo and Evie. The fulltime city workers were inspired to set up their company one evening when watching TV. Now with a growing demand for these first-class goodies, they have catered to the likes of celebrities such as; Stacey Solomon, Grace Beverley, Emily Grant etc…

Okay so what makes these sweets so great you say?

What I liked the most about this brand was the attention to detail, and for me, customer service is very important when purchasing from brands. I told Evie and Hugo that I loved the chewy eggs but I was also open to trying new flavours, so I was very happy when I saw gin and tonic bottles, which tasted just like gin! With Sugar Fix I was able to enjoy an experience I definitely could not find in a regular supermarket m, and as a foodie, these moments are priceless. You can also use the code “AMOR10” for some money off.

Sugar Fix are a British (well UK based) company that ship to all parts of the UK and as this is a passion project – there is a lot of help from their family. So should you choose to make an order, you would be helping a small company and making a big difference.

What would I recommend?

Due to the current pandemic, they’ve have made some changes, so they are able to cater to most. As someone just looking for a treat the “WFH Bundle” works perfectly but they also offer a gift, a pick n’ mix, and a party bundle. If you’re a total sugar addict, you can also sign up for a subscription, ranging from 2-12 months.

Where to find them:

Website: https://www.sugarfixlondon.com/

Socials: https://www.instagram.com/sugarfixlondon/

Words: Sarah Solomon